Limbic System EP

by Zealyn

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released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Zealyn Los Angeles, California

"Los Angeles’ Zealyn has a voice made of gold that reeled me in immediately..."
- The Daily Listening

"Zealyn is truly breaking genre limitations."
- The Beatforest


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Track Name: Talk:Listen
I know you get bored, but fear the sudden changing of the current. I know you feel sore, but always hold so tightly to your burdens. Did I lose your trust? Did I ever have it to begin? It's not a rush if my wheels forever spin. Let's start again. I know you like to talk, but never can you find the time to listen. What happens to the work I did if no one ever finds the good in it?
Track Name: Overwhelmed (feat. Aaron Marsh)
Yeah, it's a short drive home if we're honored by fate. You are calm and quiet, I’m overwhelmed inside. I can feel your cry, it resonates in my bones. Now everything's changed, I'm overwhelmed. If I crumble inside, can I be built again for you? When everything I need has ruined everything I want, and everything I could be has fallen off, I turn and walk away if just to calm my nervous heart. You look to me for answers but I'm gone. I've gone away. Run away, run away, oh no. This world is unaware. Run away, run away. Maybe I was scared? Life changes in the span of a day. Maybe I was unprepared? I'm overwhelmed inside. Feel my fingers trembling, feel my shoulders tense, my thoughts soaked in adrenaline, all my defenses fell. Lay me beside all the hopes that I left behind. Make me remember the ones that I held inside. Does it get any easier the second time? Have I run too far?
Track Name: Summer Day
I see you holding my place again, when you brushed by my sun burned skin. It turned me white to feel you there. So come on, won't you follow on the path near me. You took my hand, nobody could make up this feeling now. I think of how you arrived on a summer day. Take me where you want to be, we would burn in the summer rain. Now take me back to that summer day. Tell me how you took ahold of me, it feels like yesterday. Now take me back to that summer day. The young still have their ways, foolish and fumbling through their days, until the winter of their summer love. But without you a colorless pane stretches past what my eyes can strain. Cold again, I think of when you arrived on a summer day. You know we carry the same load, and we hold it close. Could we be running the same road? I know you're sharing the same love. Do you think of me? Do I haunt your dreams? I remember when you arrived on a summer day.
Track Name: Sleep On It
I wake to feel it all, like a drum inside my chest. Pulled the cable from the wall, but the buzzing never rests. Now I got to go, and you're unimpressed. My choices never small, and you know I never rest. But you always see me fall. I can't stop it because now we’re losing light. I can't stop it, let’s sleep on it another night. Hours passing, losing light, if you're wondering, let's sleep on it another night. What'd you come here for? Dodging me like a swinging door. I know what you're waiting for, but your patience wore out fast. I got to go, and I’m unimpressed. My choices never small, and you know I never rest, and you can't catch my fall.
Track Name: Limbic System (feat. JMR)
Could I be lost now, would I fail? My train of thought gone off your rails. Could I feel the warmth of the summer sand, or the kindness in your hand? Would I forget my own name without yours to remind me? Would my pulse slow if not for yours to align me? For a life time I've been here, never knowing you were there. Long way down when this world fell, I laid my heart on the only steady ground. Was it on you? Was it on you? It was you. It was you. How would I know when I've had enough? You kept me going when I'd given up. And my breath when my movements stopped, you pushed my lungs when it was too much. Was it ever this often? What if you told me, or I told myself to make believe there’s no problem. I keep little pieces of you beneath the darkest of spaces where no one can see them but me. Who’s going to wake me up, and who's going to get me high, then tell me I've had enough? Bring me closer to the heights, then tell me that I should run? I’d be lost without your warning. What would I feel if not your touch?
Track Name: Always Starting Over
Take me back until I can't forget there's no other way to get it off my mind, you know it’s just a waste of time. It will never leave me as long as I see this view. Tomorrow is waiting and I’m scared that I’m going to lose. Pull me out from under, lungs are filled with water, always starting over. So, I go back. Could I feel as I felt here before? So, I run back and feel the warmth of a new day beginning. Because I’m here, always starting over. If the turning of the waves would take me further, I’d hold my breathe for what seemed like days as it’d pull me under. I fall, alone in the cold. Empty and used, so uncontrolled. I fall, through shades blue. Helplessly thrown further from you.
Track Name: On a Hillside Looking Up
City buzzing in my ears like static, took a walk to clear my thoughts. With the crowds I move through fields of traffic, and dreamed of places we are not. Can you hear me? On a hillside looking up, would you climb it with me? Would you climb it? And when I come too, will your steps just fade away from my consciousness? Would you climb it? There is rest upon the hilltop and silence in the trembling of the leaves. And the light that danced across our eyelids, flickers soft into a dream. Can you hear me? Can hear me calling out? Would you climb it with me? Would you climb it? Have I waited too long? Hesitated to long? Will I find I'm alone? Will it tear me down? Have I waited too long? Hesitated too long? Will I wake up alone? Was it only a dream? I woke up to your voice. Was it only a dream?